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Your Guide to Caring for your Luxury Scarves

  • In order for you to prolong the natural life of your scarves we have provided a few tips on how to care for them including storage, ironing and cleaning. We recommend that you professionally dry-clean your scarves but recognise that this is not always possible. Here's a step-by-step process.

  • Carefully hand wash your scarf or pocket square using a delicate shampoo, such as a baby shampoo.

  • Soak your scarf or pocket square in lukewarm water and agitate gently.

  • Rinse carefully and lay out flat to dry naturally on a clean towel.

  • DO NOT wring your scarves as this will damage the delicate fibres.

  • DO NOT tumble dry your scarves as this will cause the natural fibres to shrink.

  • Once dry, carefully iron on the reverse using a low setting.

  • In the case of our scarves with hand-rolled hems, iron up to but not over the edges to preserve the hand finish.

  • All  'Lou Brennan' scarves are made with natural fibres and finished by hand and should be handled with care. When not wearing, fold without creasing. All our packaging comes with tissue paper and a soft cotton cloth bag which you can use for storing

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